Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cherry Berry Album top done

The blocks in this quilt are from the book Favourite Applique and Embroidery Quilts by Betty Alderman.  I can’t say the quilt is one of the patterns – as I didn’t end up finishing it as presented.

All of the blocks were done with fusible machine applique, using sulky blendable thread 30 wt for the stitching – what a nice thread!  Adds just enough highlight and accent to the batiks.Two of the blocks, once finished, I just didn’t care for.  The Rooster, especially, and another one which was a kind of horn-of-plenty.  I could substitute the blocks, or make the quilt smaller. 

cherry berry album top a This was my first attempt at the layout – I meant for the corner blocks to be the darker blue, but I miscut  (several times!) and didn’t have enough to do the job properly.  So I put the lighter blue in the corners, which I think gave me nightmares all last night, lol.

This morning I got up and decided to see what it would look like if I just squared off the corners – after a pressing preview, off I went with the rotary cutter.  Now I’m happy!  This quilt is destined for the kids’ basement room, it will certainly brighten it up.

cherry berry album top final

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