Monday, March 23, 2009

Mini Spring Scrappy

mini spring scrappy I prepared the top for this mini quilt last fall.  I had planned on sewing down the appliques as part of the quilting, and it turned out great, although I wouldn’t recommend it for anything much bigger than this top, about 20 x 20 inches.  I’m glad I have a new, bright, spring wallhanging to look at!  I’m pretty sure its a Kim Diehl pattern, but i’m not sure from which of her books.

I ordered some fabric for the binding on the Tiger Lily quilt – the same line as the inner points and borders are, but a bit darker.  I’m hoping it will finish off the quilt just right, and I’ll start to like it again :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quilter’s Block

I am fortunate to have two sewing machines – one a longer arm Saphhire 870 that I use mostly to quilt, and another Husqvarana that I use for piecing and machine applique.  My sewing room is small, so my second machine is kept in the dining room.  This works  out really well, as I don’t have to disturb a quilt in progress in order to do some other sewing or piecing….this also works out not so well when I need motivation to finish a quilt!

I think the Tiger Lily quilt has been sitting with the centre quilted, for about two weeks, under the needle and set up to quilt the borders.  But I was stuck, I just didn’t know what to do about those borders.  So I was able to ignore it, except for a guilty glance or an exasperated sigh aimed at the quilt when I was working in the room at the cutting board or worktable.  All along I knew I wanted it hung for the first day of Spring, and all of sudden here it is.

 tiger lily quilted no binding Today was not the day to get started again, I have a bad shoulder and a major headache, but I plunged ahead and I think it turned out fine – in fact, it took less than a couple of hours all together to finish it – hopefully, it doesn’t look that way.  But I don’t like it!  I really don’t like it!  I just want to roll it up in a corner and stuff it away.  I think many of us feel this way about our quilts at some point, and I’m hoping this is a temporary feeling – but there is just something wrong with the colours or design of the top that bother me. 

Now that I’m ready for binding I cannot find the piece of green border fabric that I am sure I put away….I don’t have any other large pieces of the other fabrics in the quilt…so I think I’ll have to use something all together different.  Yet another excuse to bury this quilt :)

Well I try out some binding fabrics, and finish it, and maybe hang it where I can’t see it too often….if I can’t easily find a binding fabric, well its going away somewhere!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots of sewing done!

I had a great few days of piecing and machine applique – I had a great time and there was hardly a hitch!

cottages march 8  09These are 16 cottages from the book Fig Tree Quilts Houses.  I’ll be putting in black sashings, two scrappy borders on either side of a pinwheel block border.  This will be a happy quilt for me – I’ve have always wanted a house quilt but never got this far.


summer pond march 08 Then I got crazy with machine applique, and got caught up on Sindy Rodenmayer’s Fat Cat Patterns Summer Pond.  I had a few already done, and got four more sewn.  I am looking forward to seeing the whole quilt, and it sure is a different theme than my usual flowers and piecing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blocks of the month

Blocks of the month offered by some wonderful quilt designers, for free, and those by paid subscription, are a great solution for me to feel like I’m getting a lot done without a lot of effort!

I cannot sew for long periods of time, and I can’t cut or press for long periods of time.  The idea of making a quilt in a weekend, or even a week, would be a goal that would just frustrate me.

By following the patterns offered on a monthly basis, I can pretty quickly cut and sew the block, and feel like I got something accomplished that day.  I enjoy seeing the quilt grow, and using my stash for making up the blocks.  Here’s a pic of the blocks done in January and February - assorted jan feb 09

The two on the left column are from My Quilt Village, and will be a wallhanging.  The star in the upper middle column is from Women of Influence, the Kansas City Star 2009 block of the month (This one does cost $3 for each month as a pdf download, and comes with a little history about a “woman of influence” in the later 1800s.  Below the star are the first two blocks of Beth Ferrier’s b.o.m. Now and Forever.  The upper right corner is a Pearl P. Perrera mystery quilt (register or sign in to the message board to access the blocks), and the baskets are from Anne Sutton’s Bunny Hill Designs called A Tisket A Tasket.


Sometimes I wonder if my subsconscious knows things before I do.  Here’s what happened over the course of a few days the weekend before last.  On Sunday, I had a thought, coming from nowehere, that I don’t like the blue and tan fusible applique quilt I’m doing – I should stop and put the pattern away for another time when I’m prepared to do it as a needleturn projecT.  Later in the day, I thought about making it up as a “redwork” project, and asked dh to copy and shrink the block patterns to 9”.

Two days later, I start to ponder Bether Ferrier’s new b.o.m., which I very much wanted to do but had given up as I couldn’t get the fabrics together in my stash.  Oh!  The blue and tan would be perfect – with green and maybe pink accents in the flowers!

And then the next day – I’m working on one of the Rachel’s Reels blocks and get frustrated at my dog who is jumping all over dh who is beside me the couch – I should have stopped sewing but I didn’t and the result was a very messy inside corner.

Dinner came and went, and I’ve suddenly got the idea to use those applique/redwork patterns on this quilt!  How come it all works out so neatly?

 blackwork civvies

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